A downloadable game for Windows

You must find the missing field team, dead or alive, and recover their research. The island is inhabited by raptors; fast, efficient hunters that stalk the treeline looking for their next meal. Track down the scientists, recover their data, and try not to get eaten.

The Perimeter is a project I made to better understand Unity 5 and the RAIN AI framework.

Version 2.1 contains various graphics and post-processing enhancements. Weapon management controls have also been added.


Randomly-wandering dinosaurs. They have excellent night-vision and will come running when a gun is fired. They also respond to flashlights, and will investigate the source of the light. Raptors also occasionally pause to communicate with each other, will can help in pinpointing their location on the island.

Randomly spawned weapons, ammo, and PDAs. This adds to replayability, as the locations of items are never in the same place twice.

Amount of game objectives are random, i.e one playthrough will require you to collect 3 PDAs, the next requires 6.

The location of items or game objectives is not displayed -- you will have to look for them. They usually spawn near buildings, but corpses will also have items as well. Any time you come within range of a corpse, your character will detect blood. This means that someone is within a 25-30 foot radius of your current position.

No health pickups. This was something I could have added, but decided against it -- searching for the last objective with barely any health adds excellent tension.

Reset map on death. When you die the level is restarted, which jumbles the objectives and items around.

This game is very much incomplete, but functional. Expect bugs.

The water in the game doesn't work, so swimming and walking are very similar experiences in-game.


Fire: Primary Mouse Button

Aim: Secondary Mouse Button

Pause Menu: ESC Button

Reload: R Button

Pick up PDA: Z button

Toggle Flashlight: F Button

Crouch: C Button

Run: Hold down LSHIFT While moving

Next weapon: E Button

Previous Weapon: Q Button

Pistol: 1 Button

M16: 2 button

Shotgun: 3 button

Install instructions

Download and run the installer.


Perimeter_Setup.zip 105 MB
ThePerimeterSetupv2.1.zip 104 MB